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Camera 1, 3MPX 960p 25fps
Lens: 2, 8mm F 2.0
IR: SMD 20m ir
Housing: IP67 Metal
Power supply: 12VDC
CONTROLS: UTC JOY on the cable/OSD PTZ menu of the DVR

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Weight 0.7 kg
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Main Features
The following settings can be changed with a joystick located on the camera line.
Automatic gain Control (AGC)-With this function, you can get an image of good quality
In low light conditions.

Automatic electronic shutter (AES)-a feature that allows proper exposure
Image. The camera equipped with this function measures the intensity of the incident light
By adjusting the aperture or shutter opening to achieve optimum
Illuminated area. It is possible to set the shutter speed to 1/100, 000s

Wide dynamic Range (WDR)-a camera function that lets you see the first overexposed
and the second plan.

Gamma Factor – The gamma factor of the camera gamma determines the characteristics of the image obtained
Contrast and brightness. The camera gamma value is 0.45

Image Standard-In the OSD menu of the camera you can choose the color broadcast standard, it is NTSC or
Pal, we remind you that in Poland we use a PAL system.

The camera can be operated in various video systems (AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS), switched using a joystick on the camera cable.