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Rejestrator IP 4 kanałowy w opcji z zasilaniem PoE, 1x HDD do 6Tb, obsługa kamer do 4MPX, dedykowane oprogramowanie zdalne, praca w chmurze.

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Dimensions 315 × 230 × 45 cm
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  • Input:
  • H.264/h.264 + (soon to upgrade to H 265)
  • High compatibility with cameras other than the MW POWER producers
  • Support 4 IP cameras
  • Camera support 4 mpx
  • Output: HDMI/VGA synchronous 1080 p
  • Data record 1 x SATA III (max. Supported disk capacity 6 TB per interface), S. M. A. R. T
  • Data transmission: the network adapter type fast ethernet 10/100Mbps
  • 4 x PoE used to power cameras:MODEL : NVR-41EP4–(PoE)
  • Additional:
  • Managing IP cameras from the Registrar
  • Support for simultaneous live video display with cameras, video archiving, free to play recorded files, continued share signal to the network, the backup.
  • Support for Instant playback of recording
  • A quick search of recordings with “Smart search”-after the date, channel, the type of recording, event (alarm/motion detection/VCA), time, camera number smart 3D positioning with PTZ cameras (via network)
  • Audio input/output: 1/1 (RCA)
  • One bi-directional audio track-intercom
Supported Cameras 4
Size input stream

40 Mbps Main stream: 50 fps (PAL) / 60 fps (NTSC)
Substream: 50 fps (PAL) / 60 fps (NTSC)
(64 output streams)
1920 × 1080P /60Hz, 1600 × 1200 /60Hz, 1280 × 1024 /60Hz, 1280 × 720 /60Hz, 1024 × 768 /60Hz
1920 × 1080/60Hz, 1600 × 1200/60Hz, 1280 × 1024/60Hz, 1280 × 720/60Hz, 1024 ×768/60Hz
1-ch, RCA (Linear, 1 KΩ)
Compression H.264/H.264+
Resolution recording
Simultaneous play. recordings
2 x 4 MP or 4 x 2MP(FullHD) (local display support with in streams cameras)
Simultaneous remote users
128 (additional channel coding with multiple cameras in one stream-channel ZERO)
1 x SATA III Connector/USB/internal or external HDD/download by network/NAS (NFS), SAN (iSCSI)
Max disc capacity 6 TB Diagnostics disk S. M. A. R. T + advanced disk space management
Recording mode Manual, continuous, alarm, motion, motion or alarm, motion and alarm
Supported network protocols
Remote Viewer
Browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Mobile devices with: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
Remote operation
Web support(Firefox, IE), the “cloud”, DynDNS, IP support with h.265
Track audio
Yes (bi-directional) 1-ch, RCA (2.0 Vp-p, 1kΩ)
Network interface
1 RJ-45 100 Mbps full-duplex Ethernet interface
USB Connector
1× USB 2.0, 1 × USB 3.0
Input/output alarm
Detection and alarm
Monitoring events Video loss alarm, motion detection, video manipulation, overflow of the hard disk, hard disk error, network disconnection, IP conflict, unauthorized logins, unusual recordings
Run the emergency action Sound, full screen, send an email message, the notification to the monitoring centre
Smart features
Baseline, the intrusion in the area, the disappearance/leave items, face detection (first channel), audio detection, counting people
PoE NVR-41EP4– (PoE)
4XRJ-45 100 Mbps full- duplex Ethernet
Total power PoE ≤ 40 W
Standard PoE IEEE 802.3 af/at
Supply voltage 12VDC NVR-41E / 48 VDC NVR-41EP4
Power consumption of the NVR without HDD ≤ 10 W
Working Temperature
-10 to +55° C (14 to 131° F)
Humidity (not condensed)
10 to 90 %
Enclosure type 1U municipality
VGA 1CH,1920×1080,1280×1024,1366×768,1280×720,1024×768
HDMI Standard 1.3a, 1920×1080,1280×1024,1366×768,1280×720,1024×768
315 × 230 × 45 mm (12.4″ × 9.1″ × 1.8″))
Weight(without disk) ≤ 1 kg (2.2 lb)